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Fern Software designs software solutions for financial institutions
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A fully integrated suite of financial products
Fern Software creates solutions that solve the challenges of modern financial services. Our core banking software is expertly designed to enable you to reach more customers.

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Fern Software was started in 1979 with the vision to enable access to financial services for all socially oriented credit providers. We have made this possible through continuous re-development and innovation to allow all our customers to benefit from the latest technology to provide the widest access to credit for their clients.

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Secure Cloud Based Solutions

Our solutions can be installed in secure cloud environments that conform to the tightest security guidelines. You're always in control of your data and have access to backups whenever you need them. Access to our solutions are handled securely with end-to-end encryption.

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Open APIs with Limitless Integrations

Our latest SaaS innovations enable building accessible paths to credit for your customers. The cost-effective solutions we deliver create a level playing field for financial institutions that need a flexible approach using all delivery channels with maximum scalability and security. Create a free account today.

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Full platform of financial software
We create software for financial institutions enabling them to reach clients everywhere

Credit Unions and Microfinance

Our flagship product. Allow clients to grow and compete in today’s digital and rapidly changing market.

Commercial SME Lending

A highly flexible lending and impact reporting product with an intuitive modern interface.

Cloud Lending on Salesforce

Fern Software's latest lending platform, built on the power of Salesforce utilising decades of our lending experience.

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